Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 9-DNA Gel Electrophoresis

This week has been super busy! Among cardiomyocyte isolations, western blots, protein assays, operations on our live specimen, and a potluck party thrown in honor of my graduate student mentor's successful research proposal, I had the opportunity to perform my very own DNA Gel Electrophoresis. Electrophoresis is a method used in this lab for genotyping among our six different experimental groups. Specifically, it is used to determine whether our gene of interest is available in a particular sample after PCR has been performed.  It involves four steps: 1) preparing the gel; 2) loading the gel; 3) running the gel; and, 4) visualizing. With the lovely help of my multi-talented research team, I created a video of me performing these steps.

An Assortment of Food-Potluck Party

The Team-Potluck Party

The Team-Potluck Party

Cori and Fan

Western Blots

An Alternative to Milk in Western Blotting-BSA

Lauren's Homemade Stripping Buffer :)

Casket used to Mold Gel

Running the Gel

Protein Electrophoresis-Loading Samples

Checking the Current

Light Cabinet-Visualizing 
Light Cabinet-Visualizing

Software used in Electrophoresis

Visualizing the Bands

Choosing a Filter to View the Results of Electrophoresis

Transferring Membranes to Polyethylene Bags

Transferring Membranes 
Storing Membranes

Preparing Hypotonic Buffer for Cell Culture


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