Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 10 & 11-The Research Continues

This week has been the busiest by far for me. Since I'll be out of town next week, I have ensured that all of my duties have been performed in such a way to last an extra week. Western blots, cardiomyocyte isolations, buffer preparation, lipid lesion analysis, and surgeries on our specimen are still running rampant in the lab.

After watching my DNA Gel Electroporesis video, Dr. McConnell, my PI, suggested that I create a library of lab videos to show incoming students as well as students who are undergoing their rotations within the department the proper technique for basic lab functions.

Storing Western Blot Membranes-Lauren Tolat from Lauren Tolat on Vimeo.

How to: Standardize and Use the pH Meter - Lauren Tolat from Lauren Tolat on Vimeo.

The first video demonstrates the technique (and some tips) involved in storing Western Blot membranes. A common way to store the membranes is by transferring them to a polyethylene bag and keeping them saturated in TBST. The final product is stored in the refrigerator (2 to 8 degrees Celsius).

The second video is a technique used in general lab settings-standardizing and using the pH meter. When preparing a high volume of buffer solutions that need specific pH and temperature adjustments, the pH meter is a lifesaver. However, many lab students are unaware of the lengthy procedure involved in standardizing and cautiously using the meter for their own measurements.

Overall, I am beyond ecstatic about ALL of the opportunities that I have been able to experience during my undergraduate research and I feel incredibly blessed to be here at the University of Houston.


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